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You have come together with like-minded individuals here, at the entrance to the lair of the Witch Queen to take the fight to her. But you are all driven by your own motivations, some secret, some proudly on display. Danger lurks everywhere! Can you trust your compatriots? Can you survive the lair of the Witch Queen? Only time will tell! 

In the Lair of the Witch Queen is a brief, compact, roleplaying game complete in four pages. Intended to produce short, intense, sessions of roleplay it forgoes some of the common formalities in such games (there is no discussion of what a roleplaying game is, nor is there any kind of a lexcion present). It is assumed that you know the fundamentals of roleplaying games and have played one before. 

The rules portion of the document is formatted for landscape viewing on both tablets and laptops, as well as for printing (so you can slot it into a standard four-panel customizable GM screen). 


Buy Now$3.00 USD or more

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